Friends, as you may be aware hospitals are once again filling up and there is concern about overwhelming the medical system because of Covid 19 and other medical ailments. In response to this reality our Bishop Jeremiah Park has asked us to respond in a sacrificial way, for the good of our community. The pastor and administrative council has decided to cancel all in person gatherings other than Worship until further notice. We would also ask each of you to remain well informed about the status of Covid in our local community and reason whether online or in person worship is best for you. As numbers in our communities rise risk does also rise. We will continue to utilize all safety protocols for in person worship without exception, including distancing 6 ft apart from other households, and wearing masks over both our mouths and noses at all times. We will continue our sanitizing protocols as well. Our intention is to keep our congregation and community as healthy as possible while maintaining our connections to God and one another. May God continue to bless us through this difficult time. ~Pastor Tammy Blose