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At BCUMC we are committed to providing a path of discipleship at every age and stage of life in order to enable believers to continue growing as disciples of Christ.  As you read through this website be on the lookout for the symbols below.  Become familiar with their definitions.  They will serve as guideposts to aid you in navigating your discipleship journey here at BCUMC. A mature disciple regularly attends to each of these areas of their Spiritual life. 

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BCUMC path of discipleship

W.IN. ~ No Sin ~ Jump In
           W. IN. refers to the steps of worship and insight building on our path.
A disciple gains victory (wins) in Christ when one acknowledges God’s right place in our life, accepting who God is and the grace God offers.  We affirm this through ongoing worship, and then continue on to gain spiritual insight by pursuing knowledge of God through the word and relationship with God in prayer.

            No Sin refers to the steps of pursuing holiness and accountability on our discipleship path. A disciple seeks to live a holy life, emulating the behavior of Christ in all things, and by being accountable to God and to the family of God.  Fellowship and small groups that increase our sense of community are fuel on the path to both holiness and accountability. 

            Jump In refers to the steps of serving others with acts of mercy, of acting as witnesses, and acts of giving on our path. A disciple displays faith through acts of mercy and service, by witnessing to the truth of Christ and our experience with Christ in word and deed, and by the displaying our faith through generous giving and support financial, physical, and spiritual to the work of God.

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